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tiril hasselknippe


Tiril Hasselknippe’s work is strongly influenced by science fiction, architecture, and presents many references to Land Art (american minimalism). The three sculptures presented on the forecourt were created in 2016 for a sculpture park in Kristiansand; the initiative, driven by artists from the norwegian coastal city, depicts how a great number of artistic projects emerge in the region.

These sculptures have had to brave the extreme climate conditions and their ravaging storms. Here, they have been recontextualised: they are confronted to a new reality which challenges their sculptural quality. On the forecourt, the sculptures appear as raw and stranded architectural elements. Their abstract forms are strongly evocative, but it is only through their title that we understand their true nature. The artist draws inspiration from the shapes of everyday objects, and aims at demonstrating how we unconsciously attribute great cultural importance to each and every one of these objects that define our surrounding. This series is titled “balconies”, which are significative architectural elements. They symbolise a place of encounter, declaration, declamation, sacre (political or religious)... In the artist’s eyes they are the ultimate symbol of a globalised crisis, a post-apocalyptic world, but also a form of romanticism applied to the future.

Born in 1984, the artist lives and works in Norway.

The three scultpures are currently being lent until september 2019.