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rosa barba


This new proposal by the artist and filmmaker Rosa Barba unfolds in two spaces of the art centre. In the nave, she has conceived an in situ project, linked to the research she carried out during her recent residency at the Atelier Calder, located in Saché. The second part of the exhibition takes place in the black gallery and immerses us in a cinematographic space mixing images and sculptures in movement. Exhibition in partnership with the Atelier Calder in Saché (37), where Rosa Barba was in residence from mid-September to mid-December 2021.

In the nave, the artist is planning an original work production, designed for the exhibition space. It will be directly linked to the research she carried out during her recent residency in Touraine, where she developed an experimental sound device, using elements such as piano strings and projectors, linked together and producing a sound loop.

Another aspect of her research consisted in questioning the plasticity and transparency of film as a medium: Rosa Barba had woven 16 and 35mm films on frames. These films, developed in blue and red, invited the viewer to perceive the space of the studio and the surrounding landscape through these coloured films. This technique was inspired by the weaving used in basketry, a craft still present in the Saché region. This new production, initiated in Calder’s emblematic workshop, overlooking the Indre valley, will meet a meaningful echo in the monumental and open space of the CCC OD nave.

The second part of the exhibition will take place in the black gallery and will allow us to discover recent productions by the artist. For this purpose, Rosa Barba has reconfigured the exhibition space by emphasizing the permeability between interior and exterior and creating a poetic dialogue between the real landscape and the filmed landscapes. Two kinetic works punctuate the space where four films never before shown in France are also installed, introducing surreal or imaginary landscapes, sometimes themselves protagonists, which the camera depicts or gives a temporal dimension to.