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From Monday to Saturday

An exhibition should not be something separate from the outside world far from the cares of everyday life. That’s why in collaboration with you, we think about new and different ways for you to enjoy the pieces and to initiate you in and educate you about contemporary art.

To book for an unguided or guided visit, please contact the Visitors’ Department at:
T. 02 47 66 50 00


From Monday to Saturday, we offer you themed art visits linked to the programming at the ccc od which are adapted to meet your groups’ needs (visits providing an overview of the exhibitions, the architecture, or an in-depth look at one or several pieces).

School and after-schools visits

Le ccc od works together with educational teams such as the Académie Orléans-Tours, DSDEN37, Canopé 37 and the Educational Service of the City of Tours etc., assisting them in providing the cultural and artistic track for our budding public to follow. We work to ensure that every exhibition is conveyed in a flexible, precise and creative way, enabling there to be a genuine observation of the works which invites their curiosity and pleasure.


We have annual partnership programme with schools and after-school organisations.



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professional training

We create training programmes to foster the sharing of methodologies and actions taken to communicate contemporary art. For teachers, after-school staff, cultural mediators and people working in tourism.