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the bureau des étudiants

Over the past 25 years, the Bureau des Etudiants (the student union) has been welcoming all students interested in a career in art institutions. On the basis of volunteering or internships.

student union – why should you sign up?

Members of the student union have priority acccess to documentation, numerous mediation and conference activities, internships… They can be structured around exhibitions(set up, organisation, research…) or day to day activities (administration, mediation, documentation…).
These internships can be mandatory  (as part of their studies) or voluntary.

experimental gallery

The “Experimental Gallery” project is one of the student union’s most complete formation activites.

It was born from a partnership between the CCC OD and the Université of François Rabelais in Tours.

It is aimed at 3rd year students of the university.

mediation training

The CCC OD and the Jeu de Paume collaborated with the Université of françois Rabelais and the city of Tours to develop a specific  course around the transmission of visual arts  and photography history.

Each year, students in history of art from the University of Tours participate in this career-centred formation. The goal for students is to acquire skills and gain valuable work experience, as their role is to raise greater awareness about contemporary art among the various sections of the public including youth. Students are part of the team that ensures guided tours at the CCC OD and the Jeu de Paume.

membership form

If you wish to become a member of the student union, please fill ou the form below. The CCC OD will  come back to you.