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o. debré, m. dufois, f. mérelle, m. selmani

signes personnages - ccc od hors-les-murs

By conceiving a turnkey exhibition, the CCC OD offers the twenty two municipalities that surround the city of Tours, the chance to welcome a reflection on the dynamic creative field that is contemporary drawing. Such dissemination project is based on an established dialogue between an ink on paper from the Donation Debré, preserved in the CCC OD, and some commissioned graphic works from three artists from Tours.

The confrontation between the works of Olivier Debré, Mathieu Dufois, Fabien Mérelle, and Massinissa Selmani unveil the continuity of the sheet of paper, eternal space for experimentation, where emptiness is equally as important as lines. Through the use of simple and evocative shapes, the artist, by confronting himself to reality, achieves maximum expression and develops a certain power of attraction vis-à-vis the viewer.
Too often merely perceived as a preparatory sketch, drawing is in the fact the embodiment of plastic research in the field of visual arts.

In partnership with Mécénat Touraine Entreprises.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, the exhibition « Signes personnages » will be circulating in the following municipalities:

  • La Membrolle-sur-Choisille

City Hall, from saturday september 14 to saturday september 28, 2019

  • Fondettes

Aubrière’s cultural center from saturday october 5 ato sunday october 20, 2019

  • Luynes

La Grange’s exhibition hall, from saturday october 26 to saturday november 16, 2019

  • Chambray-lès-Tours

Media Library, from saturday november 23, to wednesday december 4, 2019

  • Saint-Pierre-des-Corps

Exhibition gallery, Passage Emmanuel-Chabrier from january 25 to march 14, 2020