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nikolas chasser skilbeck

my mind is going

The video installation imagined by Nikolas Chasser Skilbeck was produced especially for the CCC OD auditorium. Through his unique outlook, the artist depicts a world that is pictorial, dreamy, and intriguing. Drawing inspiration from the history of art and cinema, his work presents different experiences of perception of time and space, by means of various devices (HD LED screen, projections, building mapping, installations, holograms). Creating an atmosphere that is detached from reality, his videos widely appeal to the senses and feelings of the viewers, providing enough space for both peace and anxiety to settle in. Nikolas Chasser Skilbeck was born in New York in 1985, and now lives and works in Tours.

“Through my videos, I try to portray a dreamlike world with a particular contemplative temporality, but which provides an underlying disturbing strangeness… I try to unroll the thread of the different types of media that preceded video through specific features, so that we may identify engraving, drawing, photography, or painting; but if we look closely, we discover a work on time, light, matter and image movement.

I would like the viewers to watch my videos in the same way they would look at a painting. Some will only need five minutes to impregnate themselves with the piece, while others will want to watch it several times in a row. The choice is up to the spectator. »


Nikolas Chasser Skilbeck, conference at the CCC OD in collaboration with the Jeu de Paume – Château de Tours on April 4, 2019