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mathieu dufois

dans l'ombre le monde commence

For Mathieu Dufois, drawing transcends the sheet of paper, branching out into other areas like animated film. His work explores the "ghostly images" buried in our collective memory, which extend their reach through time and space to resurface in our experience of the present.

In 2018, the CCC OD invited Mathieu Dufois on an artist-in-residence programme at the Fayoum Art Center in Egypt. This exhibition is the outcome of this trip, from which the artist, ever attentive to the traces of the past, came away immensely inspired. The Fayum funerary portraits find a poetic resonance here in one of the galleries, where three showpieces delve into the ghostly links between depiction and absence. The other series of drawings capture the experience of the landscape and the white light of the desert. This was an artistic shock for Mathieu Dufois, accustomed as he was to using black stone and whose visual creations were ordinarily steeped in darkness. During his stay in Egypt, the artist wove light into his familiar shadows. He shares with us the daytime and night-time outings that informed his graphic approach to contrasting interplays of light and shadow and myriad textures. Like his new animated film, the exhibition charts a journey through drawing – from light to this underlying shadow where, in the artist’s eyes, everything plays out and everything begins.