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marie-anita gaube


At an early stage, Marie-Anita Gaube chose painting in its most figurative dimension to give free reign to the multitude of stories fuelling her imagination. Since the very beginning in 2012, the artist has produced bright and colourful pictorial works depicting an invented, luxurious and Edenic solar world. However, significant restlessness prevails beneath these azure skies. The eyes have no respite with these multi-faceted compositions buzzing with details galore and the rhythm of colours. Her paintings are packed with unexpected events that entwine within varied landscapes. Different planes are superimposed and interwoven with complex compositions to form a kaleidoscopic space. Plural worlds coexist in each painting, ranging between reality and illusion. Marie-Anita Gaube’s works of art are animated by undeniable vital energy, yet also seem to delve into deeply buried concerns. Something strange emanates from these moments that appear to stand still, from these ghostly characters that sometimes blend into their background, almost absorbed by the painting. Encompassing works from 2014 to today, ‘Odysseys’ takes us on an exploration of these imaginary worlds. In her most recent paintings produced for the exhibition, the artist examines the body with an almost choreographic approach. Brought to the forefront, this fully-fledged subject has a growing presence in the dream-like universes.