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Olivier Debré

Les Nymphéas

Thanks to a donation from the artist's family, Debré's greatest paintings were all brought together for the first time, in the CCC OD's white gallery

The exhibition's title, which refers to Claude Monet's Nymphéas (water lilies), is an allusion to the history of abstraction. Monet's later works were indeed considered by certain artists, Abstract Expressionists for instance, the first illustrations of abstraction in painting.

With an outsize format display of six monumental pieces created in 1990-1991, the exhibition does not merely invoke impressionism, but rather questions the disappearance of the figure for the benefit of an expression that would be far more mental.

Since june 29, the new enriched display presents an opportunity to discover the extensive restoration works conducted on a series of graphic pieces in 1970 and 1980.