ccc od ccc od

the architectural project

Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré

Opening in 2016

Project developer: Tours Métropole Val de Loire

Architects: Aires Mateus agency, Lisbon.

pictures of the construction site

the architects

Aires Mateus acency was chosen at an international contest in 2012 to design the future centre of contemporary creation. The centre, only one of its kind, follows the steps of the CCC (at a larger scale), by disseminating the most recent contemporary art. However, it also welcomes a new mission, as it is now in charge of the majority of Olivier Debré‘s work, major abstract artist; the CCC OD’s objective is to replace the paintor’s timeless work into an active dialogue with today’s artists.

Located on the banks of the Loire, in the city’s historical centre, the art centre disposes of over 4500m2, and four exhibition spaces:

The nave fosters the biggest installations that are always visible from the outside, through the room’s large glass surfaces.


The white gallery is where Olivier Debré’s is regularly put into perspective with different forms of abstraction.


The black gallery is dedicated to the artists of our time, through different experimental projects in line with the CCC OD’s programmation.


Finally, the small galleries are essentially dedicated to the presentation of graphic works.


A café and a bookshop are available for everyone to extend their visit.


Aires Mateus‘s architectural project preserves the nave’s historical building while enhancing its exceptional volume. The centre is both subtly connected and clearly dissociated from the pre-existing building. A new structure was built to accomodate three other exhibition spaces, presenting a striking contrast between the large stones and the  transparent and luminous base on which they levitate.