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the research centre

The ccc od has been given a new scientific mission, and now has its own physical research centre. The new building was designed by the Aires Mateus brothers to include a space devoted to documentation and research.
The research centre is sited above the nave and includes a work room, as well as a consultation room that remains in constant hygrometric balance, making it perfect for the handling of old, fragile artworks and printed matter.

The scientific mission of the research centre



One of the ccc od research centre’s primary missions is the conservation, study and promotion of the Debré Bequest which contains 150 graphic works representing the evolution of the artist’s style, alongside five of his largest canvasses.


One of the specific aims of the ccc od is to put together the definitive comprehensive catalogue of the work of Olivier Debré. Such a task involves undertaking an inventory of the artist’s entire output.

An exhaustive catalogue is normally produced in the form of one or several works which identify, collate and classify a work. Because this research must be as complete and exhaustive as possible, every single one of the works is to be fully analysed and inspected.
Hence it is the role of the ccc od to locate and index every one of the works of Olivier Debré. These may be part of the bequest hosted by the art centre, or held in public or private collections.

Thus the ccc od is contributing to developing a greater awareness of his work and diffusing it more widely.


Also based on its archives and the documentation gathered in the course of 35 years on the artists exhibited at the ccc, the ccc od also wishes to extend its research activities more widely to contemporary creation.

Relationships with university-based research


It would be impossible for the ccc od to cut itself off from life in universities, which is why over the course of many years it has been developing a great many partnerships, principally with the François-Rabelais University in Tours.

It is now able to welcome students in the best possible conditions to the research centre, as well as researchers who wish to work using its documentation. It also proposes research subjects for art history projects, and these can be completed using the centre’s archives as a basis.

Practical information



The research centre is available to professionals in the world of art, researchers and students at Masters’ level and above.

Access is available upon booking and proof of status (specifically for students) must be presented. All requests must identify the subject to be researched



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