ccc od ccc od

the artists agency

A center of art must constantly reinvent itself to meet new creation procedures. Thus, beyond the exhibition, the CCCOD also assists artists in different types of projects and broadcasts on local, national or international level: production of works, publications, exhibitions outside the museum, film, lectures, projects urban …
This innovative initiative has been conducted since 1997 under the label of the Agency of artists, one of the first adventures of this kind in France.
So many possibilities to bring the diversity of art closer to the public, anywhere. Orders public questioning especially the city and make the art in surprising places.

• boris achour
• saadane afif
• ryuta amae
• ghada amer
• pierre ardouvin
• kader attia
• véronique boudier
• lilian bourgeat
• alain bublex
• stéphane calais
• fabien verschaere

• didier courbot
• delphine coindet
• jordi colomer
• alec de busschere
• guillaume janot
• pierre joseph
• kcho
• agathe lievens
• patrick martinez
• philippe mayaux
• mathieu mercier

• françois morellet
• nicolas moulin
• valérie mréjen
• stefan nikolaev
• roman opalka
• orlan
• miguel palma
• régis pinaud
• michael pinsky
• cécile pitois
• prota(tt)rioreau

• philippe ramette
• klaus rinke
• sam samore
• anne-marie schneider
• franck scurti
• allan sekula
• bruno serralongue
• kristina solomoukha
• agnès thurnauer
• renaud auguste-dormeuil