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fabien verschaere

la géographie du totem

The exhibition presents recently completed and previously unseen works, combining imaginary characters and self-portraits.

With Fabien Verschaere, a drawing is the immediate expression of an idea, thought or affect, serving as a departure point for creation of performances and installations. As in automatic writing, the artist deploys a constantly revisited glossary of shapes and characters. In his works, menacing skeletons rub shoulders with joyous vanities, grinning clowns with diabolical angels and disguised princesses with resolute prizefighters, and it is by no means unusual to find the artist’s self-portrait behind one or other of them.


Using a continuous line forming a rich magma of shapes, Verschaere creates a space that is full to the brim, saturated, teeming with details yet never forgetting the overall composition, which has an increasing tendency to contain itself in a single form. These seemingly closed images appear to self-generate and may even throw off restraint and start taking up yet more space.


For this new solo exhibition at the cccod, Verschaere deploys a symbolic geographical map on which works produced in recent years dialogue with previously unseen creations. He extends his world to fill the transparent galleries visible from outside the cccod.