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exhibition « V12 Laraki »

22 june to 25 august 2013


The CCC is presenting the first solo exhibition in France of Eric van Hove. V12 Laraki is the latest creation of this artist working in a variety of media. He is a nomad, a poet and conceptual artist, and for almost a year he has being working in Morocco.*. This work is presented in a preview at the CCC, before taking part in the 5th Marrakech Biennale.


The project entitled V12 Laraki  is the continuation of an unfinished dream, the dream of Abdelsam Laraki, the Moroccan founder of a brand of sports cars. His wish was to create the Laraki Fulgura, the first 100% Moroccan high-powered car, liberated from the know-how of the Western and Japanese car industries. So he built the Laraki Fulgura in 2004, completely built (with the exception of the engine that can only be built in Germany) in his workshops in Casablanca.


Eric van Hove renews and closes the loop of this project with V12 Laraki, an object that is hybrid and metaphorical. Forty Moroccan artists have worked to identically reproduce each of the 465 engine components of the Mercedes-V12 used for the Fulgura. Thus each element has been reinterpreted by local skills and in a range of local materials that are specific to Moroccan culture such as woodworking, marquetry with lemon and olive wood, or jewellery.


Through these different collaborations, Eric van Hove is re-using age-old practices and techniques to recreate an object iconic of industrial and capitalist omnipotence. “The engine will be its own metaphor, a whole exceeding the sum of its parts” (E. van Hove).


*This project was created as part of the Dar al-Ma’mûn residence.
Supported by SAM Art Projects.