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exhibition « une pièce de plus »

From 27 november 2010 to 27 february 2011


This exhibition will almost be entirely dedicated to a major and significant project in Tania Mouraud’s career: the series of thirteen sensory environments designed at the turn of the seventies and never shown in its entirety.
In 1969, Tania Mouraud suddenly gave up painting by burning her canvases. Since then, she has worked on space designing sensory environments. These “room” projects are intended for private space, public space or even nature. This is an extremely innovative project which has influenced many artists of the following generations.


These rooms, often called Initiation rooms, are white, bright and sound and provoke a feeling of infinity. These are “places of pure experience” entirely dedicated to the contemplation of perception. Each constitutes “one more room”: a room dedicated to the self in the hectic activity of modern life.


Forty years after its one and only presentation in Turin (1971), the work Initiation Room n°2 will be updated on the occasion of the exhibition at the CCC. These projects have rarely been presented: only five of them were exhibited but only during a very short time. Therefore, this exhibition constitutes a rare chance to revisit this important piece both in the artist’s career but also in contemporary art.


Among new models and original drawings enabling the viewer to consider the artist’s living projects, the exhibition will present other more recent aspects of Tania Mouraud’s polymorphous work: a wall-painting and a video.


The wall-painting Nitttsuasu (2006) is a visual experience: an extremely stretched text becomes a pure abstract shape. Even if what it conveys is hidden under this abstraction, it celebrates the universal struggles for equality and the respect of human dignity. This theme is one of the artist’s major concerns whose work deals with life, society, politics and history. Finally, the sound video installation Ad Infinitum will immerse the viewer into an evocation of the power of life, its fragility and mystery.