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exhibition « retour de Suède »

ORLÉANS – Collégiale Saint-Pierre-Le-Puellier
10 october to 22 november 2015
A collaboration between CCC OD / City of Orléans


The City of Orléans is playing host to the exhibition entitled “return from Sweden” by Lilian Bourgeat, produced by the ’Centre de création contemporaine olivier debré’ at the Collégiale Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier church.


The artist Lilian Bourgeat was born in 1970, and his work has received recognition in the international art world since the end of the 1990s. The centre de création contemporaine olivier debré has supported his work for some years, and together with us he has been questioning the production and exhibition requirements of his super-sized sculptures.


Lilian Bourgeat’s work can be characterised as the enlargement of everyday objects to a XXL format. In his work, he is constantly looking at the interplay between art and the spectator. By enlarging everyday objects, he brings a touch of humour to everyday life. Spectators are drawn in by the decidedly fun aspect of his sculptures, and at the same time these pieces sow confusion, blurring our usual bearings, disrupting what we know and our relationship with the real world.


For this exhibition at the Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier collegial church, the art centre of Tours is rerouting a part of the artist’s output on its return from Sweden, where it was shown throughout the summer at the Örebro art centre as part of the famous Scandinavian biennale, “Open Art”.
This recent work features an astounding collection of ordinary, everyday objects such as an electric light bulb, a chair, a table, a pair of wellington boots and a caddy. These are all reproduced sculpturally on a grand scale, opening up new ways of looking at our environment.


The astonishing stock of oversized objects made by Lilian Bourgeat will be stopping off in Orléans, where the works ‘’in transit’’ will measure up to the massive space of the church, before returning to the artist’s studio in Dijon.