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exhibition Project Room « Game over architecture »

12 June to 30 September 2004

The CCC Project Room presents a research project carried out by Philippe Chiambaretta together with the CCC Artists’ Agency since 2002, investigating the architecture of art locations. Philippe Chiambaretta has taken the CCC building itself as the subject of his research, and his project has developed the idea of an interactive second skin which envelopes the building. This is done through analogy, with the interior/exterior relationship being observed in the way the cellular membrane functions in molecular biology.
Hence the façade becomes an organic ‘complex’ which encloses multimedia systems between the two skins, taking the pieces in the Art Centre out into the street, and aimed at creating interaction with passers-by.
The installation devised for the Project Room focuses on the fun of the interaction between the spectator and the projection. Based on a system of mixing, visuals and sound, the spectator is invited to create his own architecture. For the first time he can take part dynamically in creating the façade.
GAME OVER ARCHITECTURE functions on the principle of a video game. Every visitor has the chance to explore the codes of architecture on a human scale (plans, elevations and cabling designs), and then combine them and modify them using eight play mats. This network of mats recalls those shapes found in the large spaces in Japanese hi-tech games, also producing digital sounds, and these generate a real video game sound track. The results of this interactive exploration of architecture are assessed by a scoring software which enhances the fortune cookies game, and these considerations bring us right back to the title of the piece, Project Room.