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exhibition « Ouest-Lumière 1905-2005 »

14 may to 28 August 2005


The Ouest-Lumière company is honouring its human and artistic energy to celebrate its hundredth birthday at the CCC Tours.


For this exhibition, artist Yann Toma has devised an impressive company organisation chart like tentacles which shows how this fictitious company functions overall. À travers plusieurs oeuvres, Yann Toma uses several works to present 3 significant sectors of Ouest-Lumière: The ‘Company Committee of Ouest Lumière’, (2004 chaired by Saskia Cousin, assisted by Mash-Houd Kouton, director of Receptive Agencies) ; the ‘Service de l’Intelligence du Réseau’ (2005), a mechanism displaying the ‘light-modules, flashing bulbs emitting words which have been converted into Scott Morse code with successive bursts of light associated with the performance ‘Transmissions’, which took place in Place Plumereau. And finally there is the ‘Service des Armes de Destruction Massive’ (Department of Arms of Mass Destruction)(2005) which places centre stage two crushers from the Ministry of Defence shredding TV magazines stopped in action.


The launch of this exhibition was marked by the first ‘Assemblée Générale Extraordinary Shareholders’ General Meeting’ chaired by the artist himself as well as a poster campaign, ‘Nous assurons votre avenir énergétique’, (We guarantee your energy future)(2004) taking over Tours’ urban landscape.


With the support of the ‘Fondation Électricité De France’ ande VIACOM with thanks to the Fine Art Museum of Tours.