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exhibition « My Room »

From 13 March to 2 May 2004


Stefan Nikolaev, invited into the CCC Project Room, takes it over for his own use, renaming it ‘My Room’ for a time. Bouncing humorously off the name now given to the ‘Project Room’ the artist turns this appropriation back upon himself by turning the exhibition back into a planned project. The exhibition called ‘My Room’ in a certain way becomes part of the life-sized model of his own project.


The Project Room space can be seen solely through a small hole in the wall. The true size of this space is replaced by a model which represents the space in 3D by computer-generated images. This is the ‘project’ itself, being literally represented by Stefan Nikolaev.


In this context, the peep hole functions as a clinical means of observation of a phenomenon under a laboratory microscope (an experimental connotation calling to mind the principal aim of the Project Room) and at the same time evoking the mechanics of desire.
So with our eye glued to the peep hole, in his virtual environment we can discover the rapidly circulating gilded balls which will progressively fill up the room, bouncing from the floor to the ceiling, following a similar path to the movement of atoms.