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exhibition « Massinissa Selmani »

From 1st february to 29 march 2015


For Massinissa Selmani, drawing is his chosen field of investigation. The origins of his works are to be found in press cuttings and photo-journalism, displaying the artist’s interest in the ways in which news is fabricated, documented and publicized. Drawing enables him to put in place some distance from the immediacy and proliferation of these images, by deconstructing their codes and emphasising their ambiguous nature. 
As with collage and collision, Massinissa Selmani’s drawings reinterpret archived photos by juxtaposing elements which are incompatible, creating small stories against the background of larger history. These stories are credible despite being highly unlikely. Between the tragic and the comic, the fierce and the courteous, the absurd is never far away from Selmani’s works, neither is the incident. Against the spectacle the daily news have turned into, Massinissa Selmani chooses to emphasise economy and reserve, and the empty spaces in his drawings leave room for the imagination.