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exhibition « leçon de choses »

26th  June – 7th  November 2010


The CCC presents a personal exhibition by Piero Gilardi witnessing the return of a major international artist into a french institution. Born in Turin (where he still lives) in 1942, Piero Gilardi was one of the founders of the Arte Povera movement in the 1960s.


He revisits about 50 years of creation under the title « Leçon de choses » (“Object Lessons”). While considering one of the greatest works of art of our time in a retrospective manner, the exhibition will be in touch with the most recent events. Indeed, the exhibition will home recent works as well as a brand new production integrating his recent researches on Bio Art. The « relational » dimension of this socially, politically, and environmentally rooted work will be summoned during a conference that will take place in autumn.


About fifteen works will appear in the exhibition, from the famous « Nature carpets » of the sixties ,  samples of artificial nature made of polyurethane foam, to “Tiktaalik” (2010), a new interactive installation (in co-production with the CCC), a work about the relationship between mankind and the animal world.


Just as a « Leçon de choses » (“Object Lessons”), the exhibition will take us on a tour of a work in which art and life have always been linked. Through the language of Art, this exhibition will try to explain the complexity of life and develop a way of thinking that replaces mankind inside the living world.