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exhibition beyond the walls « les dîners de gulliver »

Beyond the walls: Within the ‘Résidence Grand Hôtel’
1st September to 31st October 2008


The work ‘Dîner de Gulliver’ (Gulliver’s Dinner) was produced in 2007 by the Artists’ Agency within the Résidence Grand Hôtel.  Created with local business and tradespeople, it is a homage to the art of living and eating well.
The piece is a standard garden table, but it is two and a half times bigger than normal. Completely laid and set up to seat six people, it is truly ‘extra-ordinary’.


A series of ‘Gullivers Dinners’ have been organised in different gastronomic restaurants within the Centre Region as part of the exhibition “Les Encombrants” (Bulky Items) at the CCC.
These are tailor-made meals created by chefs and their teams for this work, on which they are served. By inviting in this oversized table the restaurateurs have taken up the challenge associated with the customary aspects which are part of their profession. And in doing so, they have certainly not failed to surprise us, astonish us, even create turmoil.  These challenges go as far as the dishes, where even the simplest of movements associated with the pleasure of eating- even raising a fork up to your mouth- become a whole new experience.