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exhibition beyond the walls « Après la pluie… »

Exhibition beyond the walls “Après la pluie…” (After the Rain)
Château du Rivau
12 May 2007


Permanent display at the Château du Rivau since 12 May 2007

At the same time of the solo exhibition of Nicole Tran Ba Vang at the CCC, the château du Rivau plays host in its gardens to the artist’s sculpture entitled ‘Après la pluie … ‘ (2004).
Extending her work into three dimensions and playing with the unveiling and dissimulation of the body, the sculpture presented at Rivau echoes the form and principle of the traditional Saké glass. Interfering with the planting in a poetic wayn the oversized glass collects rain water. The pleasure of happening across the image hidden at the bottom of the glass is thus dependent on the vagaries of nature…

Informations :
Château du Rivau / 37120 LÉMERÉ / Tel 0033 2 47 95 77 47