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exhibition « DECAZEVILLE 2012.08.01 – 11:00:00 »

22 june to 25 august 2013


The CCC presents Decazeville – 2012.08.01 – 11:00:00, the new solo exhibition by Anne-Valérie Gasc. This exhibition focuses on the project entitled “Crash Box “ that has been developed by the artist since 2010.


The artist has put together a variety of devices enabling her to film the complete caving-in of the insides of buildings slated for demolition. Retreating from the idea of an event, instead Anne-Valérie Gasc is attempting to grasp what is invisible, to capture the minute moment when reality shifts but we are unable to sense it. To do this, she has developed a variety of models of “Crash Box”. These are ‘black boxes’, intended to protect the film camera which is placed in the middle of the demolition site. For her exhibition at the CCC, Anne-Valérie Gasc concentrates on one of the three sites that she worked on, with assistance from the company GINGER-CEBTP DEMOLITION: the demolition of the Combettes Tower in Decazeville in 2012.


Anne-Valérie Gasc is presenting the three ‘Crash Boxes’ used on the demolition sites, as well as the film shot from one of these embedded cameras. For this exhibition she has also created a new piece called “Decazeville / 2012.08.01/11 :00 :00 , which is a huge countdown, counting the passage of time and converging, as does the entire exhibition, to the moment of the detonation creating an explosion of light.


In collaboration with:
the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard : projection 26 June
the FRAC PACA, Marseilles : ‘Crash Boxes’ exhibition from 24 August to 1 September 2013


Supported by: GINGER-CEBTP DEMOLITION, l’Atelier NI, Marseilles Provence 2013, Sextant and others.