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joint exhibition « Cécile Hartmann, Stefan Nikolaev, Cécile Pitois »

From 22 june to 24 september 2006


The first three pieces created under the “Artists/Companies banner are on show together for a number of days at the CCC before beginning their journey between the worlds of art and business.
The goal of “Artists/Companies” is to create a bridge enabling the worlds of art and business to meet. In a spirit of dialogue and an exchange of skills, these meetings have resulted in some exceptional works which question the areas in which businesses should be active.
The programme, which was initiated by the ‘Project for the Touraine’ Group in conjunction with the CCC, is supported by the Ministry of Culture, under the laws governing company sponsorship. Art and business are at the heart of this creation, both with different goals and ways of thinking regarding research and innovation and in each party in its own zone contributes in creating the world of today. Artists and business people share this mind-set and energy which allow ideas to become concrete, to develop a shape, a process and a finished piece.


CÉCILE HARTMANN, Project Hespéride for the ESTIVIN GROUP
Golden apples are at the heart of a mysterious process of photographs and sculptures which create a resounding sense in the myths of the Hesperidia and paradise. The artist brings a poetic eye to a company which transports and distributes fresh produce, keeping in circulations goods which are vital to our lives.


Cécile Pitois presents a participative work with the signatures of 200 employees of Gault &Frémont, one of the leading European manufacturers of paper and cardboard packaging for the baking and


Stefan Nikolaev takes apart the elements that make up the logo of the business consultancy Actiforces, in order to create a painting which is variable and decorative. By putting the marketing codes inside the work, he is blurring the limits between art and communication.