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exhibition « Bertrand Lamarche »

18 february to 03 june 2012


The CCC and the FRAC Centre are presenting two monographic exhibitions of the work of Bertrand Lamarche. This twin event allows the public to discover two facets of this artist’s work which is line for the Marcel Duchamp Prize 2012. This new personal exhibition by Bertrand Lamarche features a large collection of previously unseen works.


Since the mid-nineties, Lamarche has made work which has its roots in the imagination, as varied as urbanism, science fiction, cinema, cabaret or climatic events, questioning notions of scale and modelling, movement and temporality.


His work, conceived as installations, sculptures, videos or performances, provides the viewers with an experience which is both conceptual and ecstatic, drawing on several emblematic figures that he has been working on for almost 20 years. He uses the city of Nancy as the model for fantasy architecture, the singer Kate Bush as an icon, or the whirlpool as entropic.


His latest exhibition is devised as a complete mechanism, creating a new kind of dialogue between the pieces. Bertrand Lamarche recasts these returning figures as if they were elements in a script for a film which has yet to be shot. Scene by scene, the exhibition will open up to the visitor using the retelling of a night-time journey, a dreamscape where the distortions of scale, space and time are exaggerated.


A garden of giant cow-parsley (a real-life version of Umbelliferous Terrain which models this landscape in a 2005 video); the model of one of the apartment blocks in the Haut du Lièvre estate in Nancy floating in the air like a giant ship; or the hypnotic video loops of Cosmo Disco, these elements make up the major components of this journey.


Exhibition at the FRAC Centre :
From 02/03 to 29/04/2012