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déborder la toile

group show

With works by : Olivier Debré, Charlotte Denamur, Ann Veronica Janssens, Renée Levi, Flora Moscovici, Thu Van Tran. The exhibition "Déborder la toile" (Overflowing the Canvas) looks at the way in which the principles and intuitions that shaped the work of the artist Olivier Debré (1920-1999) are reinvested today. For him, the plastic elements that make up the canvas are the reflection of the sensations experienced during its creation. This search for expressiveness led him to expand his pictorial gesture and dilate his colour fields, a process which is reflected in the exhibition through a dozen of the artist's unpublished canvases presented in dialogue with the works of five contemporary artists.

The five artists in this exhibition, who present their work alongside that of Olivier Debré, are among the new hybrid pictorial paths that question the relationship of the work to space and to the visitor’s sensations. They remind us of the painter’s desire to infuse the canvas with the emotions felt in front of the landscape during the creation process, so that the viewer can in turn become imbued with it.

“It quickly became clear to me that it was not so much the object observed but the sensation provoked by this object that was important; and this sensation felt was, after all, the reality that it was and is to be painted.

As if echoing this leitmotif, Charlotte Denamur, Ann Veronica Janssens, Renée Levi, Flora Moscovici and Thu Van Tran explore the properties of matter, leading it to break into the visitor’s physical experience, while continuing to play on the mysterious, impalpable principle of appearance and coloured radiation.

*Jean Grenier, Entretiens avec dix-sept peintres non-figuratifs, Paris, Calmann-Lévy, 1963, pp.75-76.