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tania mouraud

born in 1942 in Paris (France) where she lives and works.
exhibition at CCC : " One more room " in 2010.

artist’s website

Tania Mouraud is a self-taught artist. Her artistic career actually began at the turn of the seventies after she burnt her first paintings in 1969, in a book-burning-like ceremony. Then, she designed a series of sensory environments, still highly modern today. These rooms are white, bright and highly simplified. Sound constitutes invitations to live “a pure experience” in rooms entirely dedicated to the contemplation of perception.


This work on perception is one of the artist’s major concerns. In her opinion, perception is what relates us to the outside world, to society and history. Highly influenced by conceptual art and minimalism, her work is open to life and in constant evolution. It constantly questions itself using various supports and mediums such as words, installation, wall-painting, photography, sound or video.


She is represented by the Galerie Rue Visconti.


06.10 – 04.11.12
Photographers not photographers


27.11.10 – 27.02.11
Une pièce de plus


Performance de tania mouraud
à l’occasion de l’exposition “une pièce de plus”


Une journée avec tania mouraud