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stéphane calais

The artist was born in 1967. He now lives and works in Paris.

Stéphane Calais resorts to drawing, screen printing, sculpture or installation. By mixing different mediums, he circulates freely in the history of arts, borrowing ideas and references from different artistics fields, from great art to cartoons. Heterogeneity has played a fundamental role in his work from the start of his career; the artist’s positioning offers him multiple points of view, which allows him to depict reality at all levels, and from which he wants to explore all the layers. Although the artist has claimed painting as his first language, he presented at the CCC an exhibition that reviews the specific nature and development of his pictural work. Multiplying references, styles, and chromatic universes, Stéphane Calais’ hybrid style integrates decorative, abstraction, and representation codes.

From the “En France”exhibition press release (2014)

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14.09.13 – 02.02.14
En France


20.06.98 – 20.09.98


lauréat du prix Marcel Duchamp