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solveig lonseth

exhibition at CCC OD : Innland in 2017.

Solveig Lønseth (born 1986) is working on perceptions with pieces that alter our habitual ways of looking, as well as the way we experience the world around us. Her installations are frequently a response to the architecture in which they are rooted. These o en involve light, space and literature. In particular in 2015, she created a striking installation for the joint exhibition called “Black Mountain. An Interdisciplinary Experiment” at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, by producing a piece for the light ceiling of the exhibition space.


Solveig Lønseth will be creating a piece which will mirror the architecture of the Aires Mateus brothers, and will attempt to capture the latent light getting into the Black Gallery.


11.03 – 11.06.17
joint exhibition