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michel verjux

Born in 1956 in Chalon-sur-Saône, in Bourgogne.
exhibition at CCC : « retrospectare humanum est » in 2014.

Appearing in the art world in the early 1980s, the work of Michel Verjux is shown in many museums and exhibition spaces in France and abroad, both internally and externally. It can also be seen in public commissions created by the artist as new permanent pieces.


After working in drawing and poetry (1968-1983), theatre (1976-1979), performance and multimedia installations (between 1979 and 1983), in 1983 as artist he devoted himself to the plastic arts.


He uses an intentionally simple visual language, reduced to the minimum condition of the existence and perception of a work of art: light – his preferred medium – playing with space, observation and the visitor journey.  Michel Verjux considers that illuminating means exposing, so he works with the means of this ‘illumination’ on the method of projected light.  Illumination becomes his sole visual tool.


His projections of framed, directed, focused white light cover the surfaces of the walls and other internal spaces (exhibition spaces, flats, etc.) or exterior architectural spaces. Projections can be regarded as simple images or geometric figures drawn in space, but for the artist they are also and above all clues that reveal a situation and the very symbol of the way the world is exposed to our eyes. Under projected light, exposure/exhibition link a moment in time, a context and an observer.


Using an effect of dual description, what is shown in the illuminations of Michel Verjux is both the action of lighting and the elements making up the exhibition onto which light is shone.


21.06.14 – 28.09.14
retrospectare humanum est


conférence de Christian Besson


entretien entre Michel Verjux et Pascal Rousseau