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mathieu dufois

The artist was born in 1984 in Chartres. He now lives and works in Tours.
"Mathieu Dufois" exhibition at the CCC in 2015.

Drawing is at the heart of Mathieu Dufois’ work, who equally produces large series of drawings, paper models, and films which genre oscillates between animation and experimental film. The paper models are used as decor for the latter.

In Mathieu Dufois’ work, the drawing is no longer merely bi-dimensional; it explores a third dimension through volume and movement. By introducing the pencil’s black powder into the multimedia, the artist aims at going past the limits of graphic language, creating singular shapes and materials.

Deeply inspired by cinema, his work triggers our memory: drawing almost becomes an archeological tool that allows all emotions and memories from the past to resurface.

Mathieu Dufois implements here the three forms of drawing into his work. He also presents for the first time the paper models that were used for the making of his short film “Par les Ondes”.
  From the« Mathieu Dufois » exhibition’s press release (2015)  

Mathieu Dufois is represented by the Galerie Particulière.


31.01 – 29.03.15

Dans l’ombre le monde commence


31.01 – 29.03.15

Mathieu Dufois