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massinissa selmani

The artist was born in 1980 in Algiers, Algeria. He lives and works in Tours.
exhibition at the ccc : "Massinissa Selmani" in 2015.

Drawing is Massinissa Selamni's experimental field; Regardless of the multiple mediums he uses, all his works are anchored in the current political and social issues. He collects press clippings and images from the media that he reinterprets and transforms by mixing them together; the scenes draw inspiration from the documentary genre, presenting a similar narrative and mise en scène. Massinissa Selmani focuses on the collision of these contradictory sources to further emphasise the idea that news are fabricated. By deconstructing an image's ambiguity, drawing allows him to create a certain distance between its immediacy and its proliferation.

Massinissa Selmani’s work is tinged with surrealism. He extracts and juxtaposes incompatible elements from various images, creating little stories that become part of history. Stories that are believable, although far from probable. Between tragic and comic, ferocity and delicacy, the absurd is always present. Incidents are too, as they always seem to be at the centre of the situations imagined by the artist.

For Massinissa Selmani, the white canvas is just as important as the drawing itself, as the empty spaces it creates allow the viewer’s imagination, memory and perception to do the work of interpretation.

From the « Massinissa Selmani » exhibition’s press release (2015)


01.02.15 – 29.03.15

Massinissa Selmani