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marie bovo

The artist was born in 1967 in Alicante (Spain). She now lives and works in Marseille.

Marie Bovo conducts a work on image, video and photography. She gained recognition with her pictures of night landscapes; By adjusting the exposure time with her camera, the artist managed to reveal what is usually concealed by the darkness of the night, in the dreamiest way possible. Time is a very important component of her work; expanded and slowed down, the way she represents it truly differs from the immediacy usually linked with photography. Marie Bovo presents metaphorical time frames that evoke the universal cycles of life.

Her work is deeply anchored in reality; through a unique outlook on the city, she depicts geopolitical and social concerns. Yet, the way she envisions our contemporary world undeniably resonates with literary and poetic inspirations that nourish her reflection and sensitivity.

Marie Bovo is represented by the gallery Kamel Kennour, Paris.


14.12.08 – 08.03.09
Une journée