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malachi farrell

Born in 1970 in Dublin. He lives and works in Paris.
exhibition at CCC : "P5" in 2007.

Malachi Farrell creates mechanized and sound works which can be considered as real autonomous shows. This machine theater produces spectacular scenes into which the viewer is literally involved. As a committed artist, Malachi Farrell considers himself a storyteller with the conviction that art can make people move.


With their complex systems, the aesthetics of his works is raw and the artist does not hesitate to mix different genres to underline the primitive aspect of our modern societies and their underlying violence.


In his work, Malachi Farrell warns us against the standardization of the world, a world which plans its own destruction. However, the artist portrays this meaningless and somber world with a lot of humor and a sense of burlesque and mockery which reminds us of cartoons.


30.05 – 28.10.07

20.06 – 20.09.98