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linn pedersen

Born in 1982 in Sortland, Norway, she lives and works in Kristiansand, Norway.
exhibition at CCC OD : Innland in 2017

The artistic endeavour of Linn Pedersen (born 1982) involves photography, col- lage and sculpture, as well as video and lm. She blends documentary and poetic elements, depicting a variety of subjects such as thrown-out consumer goods, landscapes, architectural constructions and human gures with large-scale ins- tallations which are based on a sedimentary approach. Her photographs (the basis for all of her work) are taken by chance in the course of walks through landscapes, and are both expressive and inward-looking, examining the line held between the everyday and the extraordinary by focusing on the physicality and the qualities of the object as a work of art.


11.03 – 11.06.17
joint exhibition