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lars laumann

exhibition at CCC OD : Innland in 2017

Lars Laumann (born 1975) explores the people and events existing on the mar- gins of contemporary society. His last lm, ‘Season of Migration to the North’ is
the story of a refugee as seen from the perspective of a young gay asylum-seeker from Sudan. The lm is narrated in the rst person: the central character is Eddie Esmail, and he reads out his diary, starting from his arrest in Khartoum through to his reception in a refugee camp. He is arrested during a fashion show in in which he is taking part in Khartoum. Esmail draws parallels between his story and that of Ruth Maier, a young Austrian woman who arrived as a refugee in Norway during the Second World War.

Lars Laumann is one of the artists nominated for the Lorck Schive Art Prize 2017, the biggest prize awarded in Norway each year to contemporary artists.


11.03 – 11.06.15
joint exhibition