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kamilla langeland

Born in 1989. Lives and works in Bergen.
exhibition at CCC OD : Innland in 2017

Kamilla Langeland (born 1989) is a photographer who is interested in prin- ting analogue photographs and experimenting with them in the darkroom. She considers photography as an imprint and she is fascinated by the way in which mechanism conceals the construction secrets of the physical world. She uses both negatives she has created herself and negatives she has borrowed. Her images are usually made up of several layers of negatives and photograms. She collects objects and, in the process of composing the image, she focuses on the possibility of modifying the object. She uses photography to explore her surroundings by investigating the way in which photography can distort visual perceptions, and in doing so, transform the everyday into confusing phenomena.


11.03 – 11.06.17
joint exhibition