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jacques halbert

The artist was born in 1955 in Bourgueil (Touraine); he now lives and works in Brussels.

Jacques Halbert painted his first cherry in 1975. Since then, the fruit has been regularly featured in his prolific work, bringing rhythm and cadence to the blue surface of his canvases.

The cherry motive, claimed as part of an artistic statement, accompanied the artist’s journey, as he acquired a taste for Fluxus and Eat Art (from paintings to performances, and from France to the US). However, no other medium has ever surpassed the medium of painting, to which Jacques Halbert shows a deep attachment. Similarly, although he often has shown an interest in other culinary subjects (peas, potatoes or gratin dauphinois), the cherry remains the only subject that has withstood the test of time.

From the “Jacques Halbert” exhibition press release (2006)

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24.11.06 – 04.02.07

jacques halbert




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