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isabelle levénez

Born in 1970, and lives and works in Aubervilliers, France.
exhibition at CCC : "Noli me tangere " in 2006.

Since the middle of the 1990s, Isabelle Lévénez has been developing a multimedia approach bringing together her drawings embellished with watercolours, the making of video installations and digital photographs. Isabelle Lévénez pursues a quest into identity and otherness through the representation of the body, with a presentation of characters showing an intimate, condensed part of their emotional history.


Her work focuses on everything affecting and conditioning the individual in terms of his or her relationship with the world and with other people. Over several years the artist has developed a unique approach, one of creating video portraits. This means that protagonists are able to be filmed on their own with the camera. This direct intimacy with the lens leads them to rerun scenes from their lives after the fact events, which were responsible for the marginalization of part of their personality.


29.01 – 16.0.06
Noli me tangere