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ignas krunglevicius

He lives and works in Oslo.
exhibition at CCC OD : Innland in 2017

Ignas Krunglevičius (born 1979) initially studied musical composition. He currently works as an artist and composer, investigating the psychology behind the mechanisms involved in the taking of power and control. He does this via installations, videos and sound works. His interest lies in revealing the coded systems used by society in order to control individuals and situations.


The ccc od is producing a site-speci c piece by the artist, one created espe- cially for the Transparent Galleries, which will be visible from the outside of the building. It will take the form of a large-scale abstract sculpture created with black balloons which will encase the exterior of the Black Gallery (transparent galleries). For the artist, this material refers to a post-human form of the body.


11.03 – 11.06.17
joint exhibition