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guy limone

The artist was born in 1958; he lives and works in Paris.

Guy Limone’s work is deeply enshrined in the universe of painting, without being a tangible part of it. His work revolves around figurines, images from everyday life, and fluorescent tubes. He organises and ranks a multitude of elements according to a minimalistic and abstract mode, in an attempt to put some order in our chaotic world. The exhibition presents a retrospective of Guy Limone’s “Statistics”, that he has been developing for twenty-five years.

He assembles crowds of small figurines that “embody” abstract statistical data to which he gives a humanistic form. This work evolves with time, and confers great importance to colour, one of the main preoccupations of the artist.

From the « 1/87e » exhibition press release (2014)

Guy Limone is represented by the Galerie Perrotin.


15.02 – 16.06.14


15.02 – 01.06.14
l’atelier Guy Limone


mai 2014
la nuit jaune
Nuit Européenne des Musées