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françois morellet

Born in 1926 and died in 2016 in Cholet in France
Exhibition at CCC : "ΠPICTURAUX : ΠPIQUANT ET ΠROCOCO" in 1999.

François Morellet is a key figure of geometric abstraction, and among the French artists of his generation he is the artist whose work is most commonly found in collections abroad. The artist began working at the start of the 1950s and came to abstraction through the Paris school. He chooses to work on a surface prepared geometrically, composed of lines, triangles or squares. The guiding lights of his work are humour and his love of puns, together with his crafty precept- to do as little as possible with them. He opts for art which is systematic, preferring to avoid any personal investment or subjective choice.


François Morellet is represented by the Galerie Kamel Menour.


23.01 – 14.03.99