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fabien verschaere

The artist was born in 1975 in Vincennes. He lives and works in Paris.

No Idea exhibition at the CCC
Keba exhibition - Project Room at the CCC.

Fabien Verschaere uses a falsely childish vocabulary in his drawings, frescoes or sculptures. He approaches major themes of life such as sex, madness, disease, or death, in a dreamlike or nightmarish way. Filled with monsters, chimeras and fairies, his abundantly creative universe draws inspiration from tales, mythology, comics, but also everyday life. Everything is intertwined without hierarchy, and without a defined narrative arch.

The artist creates his own and personal mythology, and gives just as much poetic weight to the beautiful as the banal.

Fabien Verschaere is represented by the Galerie Brugier-Rigail, Paris.


05.10 – 01.12.2002

New Chinon

personal exhibition at the Galerie contemporaine de Chinon


30.11.02 – 23.02.03

No Idea

exhibition at the CCC


20.11.04 – 02.02.05

Keba – Project Room

exhibition at the CCC


30.03 – 04.12.05

Sirène du Mississippi