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fabien mérelle

The artist was born in 1981; He now lives and works in Tours.

Fabien Mérelle graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts in Paris, and spent five months at the Beaux-Arts academy in Xi'an (China) in 2005. During his stay, he learnt to master the techniques of chinese painting. Most of his compositions are patiently achieved with black ink.

His extremely detailed drawings depict a dreamy atmosphere, where the artist’s personal imaginary is put into light. Floating in an undetermined empty space, which evokes the infinity of reverie, they seem to be suspended in time. However, through a striking realism, the drawings could easily escape their blank page to be part of our concrete world.

Fabien Mérelle is often represented as the protagonist, striped pyjamas on, nod to the theatricalness of his works. His character embodies the reflection of reality; always present in his drawings.


30.03 – 22.09.19 Abri, pierre, bois, encre, papier personal exhibition

  2019-2020 Signes personnages collective exhibition hors-les-murs