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éric van hove

Born in 1975 in Algeria. He grew up in Cameroon and lives regularly in Japan.
exhibition at CCC : "V12 Laraki" in 2013.

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Roaming is an important factor in Eric van Hove’s personal story and it is also at the heart of his art. Indeed, his work is fed by the notions of rootlessness and voluntary exile, both used by the artist as a driver for his creativity. For Eric van Hove, being a nomad is both a personal necessity and an artistic status.


Hence the work and the reflection of the artist have developed on a world scale. In contexts that are always varied he creates installations, photographs, performances and ephemeral and spoken pieces. His work highlights issues which are at one and the same time local and global, and he is committed to connecting these polarisations. Retreating from the standardising effects of contemporary globalisation, his approach is about highlighting human universality and individual characteristics (of places, individuals and situations).


Eric van Hove has presented his work in a great many museum-based institutions and international biennales: Centrale Électrique (Electric Power Station)/ European Contemporary Art Centre (Brussels), Toride Art Museum (Japan), Location One (New York), 4th Bishkek Contemporary Art Exhibition (Kirghizstan), De Paviljoens Museum (Netherlands), Kufang International Art City (Beiing), Hillside Forum (Tokyo), Darat al Funun (Jordan), Fordham University’s Center Gallery (New York),  Sharjah Art Museum (United Arab Emirates) etc.


Éric Van Hove is represented by the Voice Gallery.


22.06 – 25.08.13
V12 Laraki