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edgar sarin

The artist was born in 1989 in Marseille, France.

After training as an engineer, Edgar Sarin began to assume his role as an artist, and organized his first exhibitions in his staircase. His work cannot be envisioned without the notion of “receiver”: each one of his works and exhibitions is aimed at a specific individual, a group of people or a situation.

The gesture transcends the technique, in the sense that Edgar Sarin develops his artworks in coherence with literary and musical productions; he considers the process as a necessary and exhaustive gesture.

The latter is based on a dialectic that confronts an evolutionary and additional system of creation made available to the spectator, although the artworks are often “taken away” from him in their physical appearance. This poetic secrecy, based on their inaccessibility, also implies the construction of a history by anticipating the work of art, whose future is the subject of more or less long-term planning.

In 2014, he launched the “’Antichambre de la substance rayonnante” review, which became the “Geste nécessaire” in 2017. He also leads the Cercle de la Horla, a think tank that saw the light during his 2015 exhibition, with which he organises collective exhibitions in Paris and New York. In 2017, he presented two solo exhibitions at the Konrad Fischer Gallery (Düsseldorf / Berlin) and the Michel Rein Gallery (Paris/Brussels).


03.03 – 13.04.2017

Hierarchisch angeordnete Edelgesteine, dreizehn

personal exhibition


31.03 – 20.07.2017

Un minuit que jamais le regard, là, ne trouble

personal exhibition


11.11.2017 – 04.02.2018

Ici : symphonie désolée d’un consortium antique

exhibition at the CCC OD