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daniel buren

Born in 1938 in Boulogne-Billancourt (France). He lives and works in situ.
exhibition at CCC : " Taller or smaller than ?" in 2005

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Daniel Buren is one of the most renowned French artists both in France and abroad. For about forty years, he has explored the relationships between art and the space in which it is exhibited with a seemingly endless richness and diversity. In the field of plastic arts, he has invented the notion of in situ (site-specific). This notion corresponds to a work made out of the specific features of the host space.


Daniel Buren acts within the given time and according to the space and architecture of the location resorting to color, light, transparency and reflection and to his famous stripes – alternating between white and colored –, the “visual tool” he has invariably used since 1965.


Daniel Buren is represented by the Galerie Kamel Menour.


22.10.05 – 26.02.06
Plus grand ou plus petit que ?

19.10.05 – 26.02.06
Project Room


Tramway of Tours