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cécile bart

The artist was born in Dijon; she now lives and works in Marsannay-la-Côte (Burgundy).

Since the 1980’s, Cécile Bart has been developing a singular work based on screen/paintings that challenge our perception of space. Made out of thin Tergal canvas, painted and stretched on a frame, the screen/painting is one that can be seen through the eyes, showing both the painted surface and the real world behind it.

Oscillating between transparency and opacity, the image constantly changes according to the variations of light, and the movements of the actively participating spectator.

This investigative tool, that has been explored by the artist since 1986, is constantly being renewed according the technical possibilities offered by the different places where each exhibition is held. The screen/paintings are suitable for any type of configurations, as their colours can be combined and superimposed infinitely, reinventing the space that surrounds the spectator.

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09.12.17 – 11.03.2018

Silent Show

exhibition at the CCC OD



Thomas Lebrun and the CCNT dancers 

performance related to the “Silent Show”exhibition