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alicja kwade

The artist was born in 1979 in Katowice, Poland.
She now lives and works in Berlin.

In her sculptural work, Alicja Kwade explores the limits of material; she makes use of everyday objects, but also raw material such as glass, wood, or copper, subject to multiple modifications in order to question our perception.

By playing with these materials and the established systems of worth, objects, and their perception, Alicja Kwade’s work explores the notions of time and space.

The first work that truly initiated her singular research on space and perception, WeltenLinie, was presented at her latest participation in the Venice Biennial. Alicja Kwade has since developed many works that have allowed her to replay these notions in various contexts and formats. All these experiences were mobilised and synthesised for the monumental piece that is now exhibited at the CCC OD.

From "The Resting thought" exhibition’s press release (2019)

With the support of Kamel Mennour, Paris/London




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02.02.19 – 01.09.19 The Resting thought exhibition